Female Alien
Species Alien
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2035
Related Characters N/A
Games TimeSplitters

Female Alien is the only female type of alien in the TimeSplitters series. This is likely due to only males enduring the space-wars involved in the series, but there possibly could be no or little distinction between the genders of some alien races. Female Aliens have a blank white mask with vague shaping which covers their faces, while their skin colour is blue and their clothes are limited to red and white colours.



TS1 Female Alien Small Female Alien

Unlock Complete Spaceways on Normal in 1m 20s
Gesture Points gun at player.

The Female Alien appears as a generic alien in the game and one of the most futuristic of the selection due to their native level existing furthest in the future of the original TimeSplitters. Though having a role in Story, their appearance in the game stretches no further than being an unlockable character for use in Custom Arcade matches.


2035, Spaceways (Story)Edit


Female Alien with a Minigun

Main article: Spaceways (Story)

The Female Alien is a generic enemy during the Spaceways Mission. Due to the lack of meaning for the mission in the game, it appears they are just another set of characters that are shooting without motivation.


  • Despite being a female character, she uses male character animations.
  • On the Streets map in both TS1 and TS2, there exists graffiti in certain places (Notably on the building with a Linux sign in TS1, and the same building (sans Linux sign) in TS2) that depicts a blue woman that looks strikingly similar to an unmasked Female Alien. Whether or not this is intentional is unknown, and it may merely be a coincidence.