Farrah Fun-Bunny
Species Rabbit
Size Normal
Massive (Rabbit standards)
Native Timezone Unknown
Related Characters None
Games TimeSplitters

Farrah Fun-Bunny is a pink, anthropomorphic rabbit, similar to Duckman Drake. She wears a deep blue and yellow top, as well as blue jeans, but with no shoes.



TS1 Farrah Fun-Bunny Small Farrah Fun-Bunny

Unlock Challenge > 8-C Bone Grab
Gesture Walks forward saying "Yeah. Okay." and puts hands on hips.

Farrah appeared in TimeSplitters 1 as one of the few characters to not appear in any of the Story missions of the game. Like the others, she appears in three Challenges and has her own Cheat, Enemies turn to Bunnies. However, unlike the other non-canon characters of the original, she does not appear in any of the subsequent games.