Everyone Must Go!
Game TimeSplitters 1
Section 7
Map Mall
Character Gingerbread Man

Accompanied by
Spaceways Stewardess

Enemies Encountered Team Blue
Female Cyborg

Siamese Cyborg
Tuxedo Cyborg
Team Yellow
Hick Hyde
Insect Mutant
Overall Mutant

Rewards Gingerbread Man
Medal Requirements 45 kills

Everyone Must Go! is a TimeSplitters 1 Challenge. It involves killing groups of Cyborgs and Mutants at the Mall in a Team Deathmatch. It comes after Sorry, Was That Your Bag? and before Girls 'n' Boys.


Proximity mines are on sale at a knock down price at the mall. Impatient people are setting them off before they leave the store! Try to win with a score of at least 45. You have at least 3 minutes.


Run around and kill. Easy as. Use your radar to find them. Grenade Launchers are the best weapons but Proximity Mines can help. Your two allies are surprisingly competent in this level. It's well possible to win this challenge by doing very little actual work yourself. A surprising drop in difficulty, especially notable considering the challenge that came before it.