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Escort is one of the arcade modes in the original TimeSplitters. The Chemical Plant map, the Spaceship map, the Spaceways map, the Streets map, the Graveyard map, the Bank map and the Docks map, were the only levels to feature this game mode.


The player had to protect a selected bot from damage by the other team. The player could only be on the defenders (red) team, never the attackers (blue).


This is among the harder of play options in the original TimeSplitters, such as Last Stand. What makes it so hard is the fact that players are very sensitive to damage including the escortee, unlike in the sequel, TimeSplitters 2. Another reason may be the speed of the escortee, as they simply walk. This may be to balance the game. This, like Last Stand and Knockout, has not been featured in any other TimeSplitters games since the original TimeSplitters.

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