Escape from NeoTokyo
Game TimeSplitters 2
Section Infiltration
Location NeoTokyo: Streets
Character Chastity

Big Ears hat
Medal Requirements

1000 in 00:20.0
1000 in 00:16.0

Escape from NeoTokyo is one of easiest challenges, because all you have to do is get to same place you have to go in end of NeoTokyo, but unseen by Spotlight Cameras and Riot Officer vehicles.

Briefing Edit

It's late past curfew, and Chastity Detroit has ended up stuck in a rough district of Neo Tokyo. If the police find her, she'll spend the night in a cell, so get her out without being spotted! The temporal uplink should come in handy here.

Strategy Edit

Well this actually don't need any strategy told, just do all same like you do NeoTokyo on normal difficulty, when you have to go that way after killing Sadako. If you get busted, you lose. Just dodge the Spotlight Cameras until you reach end of NeoTokyo level.

If you're not so crazy about getting golds and platinums. Just run down the centre of the street, you'll get a bronze or a silver.

  • More specific strategy, as the briefing says use the Temporal Uplink. Gold is relatively simple with practice, using the uplink head towards each camera so that you pass directly underneath them where they can't detect you, each time wait for the right timing to head for the next one. To get a platinum start off by heading much more down the centre of the road so the first & second cameras almost spot you, go straight ahead from the start to go past the first one, then aim just to the left of the pillar on the right to get past the second. The third camera is on the left, you need to get into an alcove on the right opposite it before it sweeps back towards you, this is the critical point for getting a platinum instead of a gold. From this point onwards keep on the right-hand side going just to the left of the pillars etc. Pause a moment to let the third camera sweep back, you will then probably pause a moment for the police vehicle, if it spots you it will shoot but it won't deduct stealth points off you so it doesn't matter as long as you don't get killed. There are a few more cameras to pick your way past, but if you are good enough to have got past the third one quickly the last few shouldn't be too difficult for you.

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