Electronic Arts
Also Known As -EA
-EA Games
Role Publisher
Founded 1982
Key People Trip Hawkins (Founder)
Larry Probst (CEO)
Products TimeSplitters Future Perfect

EA Games published TimeSplitters Future Perfect and maintained the much-maligned online servers.

TSFP Online Edit

Much criticism has been directed towards EA from fans disappointed with the quality of the online mode of TimeSplitters Future Perfect, the first TimeSplitters game able to be played online officially. EA provided statistics both on the console and from the website but the ranking system was frequently hacked by cheaters. EA did little to alleviate these problems, resulting in a backlash. EA also failed to deal with notorious cheaters such as "SnaBo", with stat-hackers (ironically) ranking multiple accounts at the top of the list so that SnaBo was no longer #1.

In Autumn 2006 there were rumours that the online service for Future Perfect was going to be shut off. EA stated service would end on the 22nd June 2007 but were shut down on 6th June 2007.

In March 2008, service to the Xbox Live servers were restored. The PS2 servers remain offline. However, now that Xbox Live for the Xbox has been shut down, online for Future Perfect is effectively dead.

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