Dusk of the Dead
Game TimeSplitters
Section 1
Location Mansion
Character Det. Harry Tipper
Targets Brown Zombie
Girl Zombie
Green Zombie
Jacket Zombie
Police Zombie
Skull Zombie
Rewards Jacket Zombie
Police Zombie
Skull Zombie
10000 points
5507686 points (Silent Thunder)

Dusk of the Dead is Challenge 1-C in the original TimeSplitters. It involves shooting the heads off Zombies in the Mansion map. It comes after Putrid Punchout and before Flock Around The Dock.

Briefing Edit

As the sun goes down, the ghouls come out. Make your last stand in the mansion front hall. Who knows, if you score 10000 points you might survive to see the dawn.

Strategy Edit

Start at the bottom and use your radar to see where the closest zombies are and shoot them. When there are more Zombies, escape to the top and shoot them from there. Look at both sides to see if no zombies are coming and shoot again. When the phase is over, restock on Shotgun ammo and stay there until there are too many zombies. Keep repeating the process.

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