Double Bill
2x Bill Match TS2
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Elite League
Section One Shot Thrills
Mode Thief
Map Chasm
Character Big Tony
Enemies Encountered The Impersonator
Rewards Silver: Beetleman
Gold: The Impersonator
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1st and 20 points
Silver: 20 points in 4 min 30 secs
Gold: 20 points in 3 min 30 secs
Platinum: 20 points in 2 min 30 secs

Double Bill is an Elite Arcade League challenge. It comes from the series One Shot Thrills.


Big Tony thought he was on to a winner when he booked the King and the Beetles to play a gig at the famous Chasm club. Imagine his surprise when these jokers turned up! And he'd paid in advance! Needless to say, Tony wants his money back.


Keep moving around. Don't fall behind and don;t forget to get all the coins that is required in Thief. This level is pretty hard, but remember it is only one shots, so only use double shots with the Tactical 12-Gauge when you're not certain that you will hit an enemy and reload via weapon switching to avoid that long reload time.

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