Don't Wait Around
Game TimeSplitters
Section 4
Map Chinese
Character Chinese Waiter
Enemies Encountered N/A
Rewards Enemy Bricks
Medal Requirements 140 in 3 minutes

Don't Wait Around is a Challenge in the original TimeSplitters. It involves shooting out the glass at the Chinese Restaurant with M16s. It comes after Shame if Something Got Broken and before Brick Flung High.

Briefing Edit

The Restaurant is closed for refurbishment, but the glaziers need all of the glass panes removed. Shoot them all out - might as well smash all the plates too while you're at it! You have 3 minutes.

Strategy Edit

Short and simple. It's all about memorization, really. And being thorough in making sure you don't miss any glass (It can be tough to notice a window you left behind considering it's... Well, glass).

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