Don't Lose Your Bottle
Don't lose your bottle
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Section Super Smashing Great
Location Disco
Character Harry Tipper
Targets TickBottles
Cross Henchmen/Henchwomen

Medal Requirements


In Don't Lose Your Bottle, you act as Harry Tipper and you need to shoot Bottles. You use the LX-18 (x2) and there are some Henchmen and Henchwomen that are holding bottles and if you shoot one of the Henchman or Henchwoman, you get a 5 second penalty. They stand around but are drunk so they move around a little making it harder to shoot the bottles they hold. You also have a time limit and a radar that shows all the bottles. The bottles are in green on your radar.

Briefing Edit

Kitten was out of town last night and Harry took the opportunity to invite a bunch of sailors over to the Big Tipper. Trouble is they've left bottles of their favorite grog all over the place which is pretty incriminating. If Kitten gets back and finds "Flying Seaman" everywhere then Harry's in big trouble - get it cleaned up as quickly as possible.

Strategy Edit

This is a very hard level, it is recommended you try this a couple of times and try a different tactic every time until you find a way around the map quickly but also gets close to all the bottles so you can shoot them only inches away from you. The bottles that the henchmen are holding are even harder to destroy. It is a good idea to switch to the single scoped pistol, or if you are short on time shoot so the only part of the henchmen that can be shot is the hand.

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