Dr. Katje Nadir
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1950
Related Characters Ilsa Nadir (Daughter)
Dr. Seth Graven (Co-worker)
Games TimeSplitters 1

Doctor Katje Nadir appears only in the original TimeSplitters. Presumably Russian, her daugher, Ilsa Nadir is the main character in Siberia in TimeSplitters 2. She wears a buttoned white lab coat, stockings, high heels and relatively short hair.



TS1 Doctor Katje Nadir Small Dr. Katje Nadir

Unlock Complete the first set of three Story missions
Gesture Steps forward saying "Mmhmm" and puts hands on hips.
Doctor Katje Nadir artwork

Early Artwork

Katje appears in the original TimeSplitters as one of the female protagonists involved in Story. She appears as a doctor in the 



1950, VillageEdit

Main article: Village (Story)

Katje appears alongside colleague Doctor Seth Graven in investigating a Village infested with Mutated Humans and Aliens. She is undergoing the Village operation to recover the cursed artifact for deeper research.


  • The word 'Nadir' means 'lowest point'.
  • Kitten Celeste reuses her sound clips.

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