Divine Immolation
Divine Immolation
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Amateur League
Section One Gun Fun
Mode Deathmatch
Map Temple
Character The Master
Enemies Encountered Brother Bartholomew
High Priest
Sister Faith
Undead Priest
Rewards Bronze : The Master
Medal Requirements Bronze : 1st
Silver : 1st and 15 kills
Gold : 1st and 18 kills
Platinum : 1st and 21 kills
World Record : 1st and 64 kills (Various)

Divine Immolation is the third Arcade League challenge in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. It involves killing the most religious characters at the Temple.

Briefing Edit

Heretics are running amok in the sacred temple. Let your sacred cleansing fire guide them along the path to enlightenment and gently release their souls to a achieve spiritual calm. Breath deeply and repeat after me "Ommmm".

Strategy Edit

This one isn't hard if you're actually good with the dual flare guns. Simply kill everyone as fast as you can, and aiming towards the ground near them makes it easier to hit. If you are far away from your enemies, you can kill yourself instead and if you're lucky, you spawn near them. You won't lose kills for suiciding in this Arcade League.

For faster kills, you can try doing the switch tactic with the flare guns by pressing up after firing it's shots as it's faster than reloading.

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