Size Small
Location A Disco
Climate N/A
Unlockable Default
Recommended Bots Viola
Swinging Tipper
Kitten Celeste
Lt. Christine Malone
Jo-Beth Casey
Mordecai Jones
Recommended Weapons Machine Gun
Baseball Bat
Remote Mines
Rocket Launcher

Disco or The Big Tipper, to give its proper name, appears in TimeSplitters Future Perfect as one of the playable Arcade Custom stages. The Disco is a very small level, which makes for frantic matches.


With flashing lights and a dance floor, this place resembles a real disco. There is a lounge with breakable bottles, a turntable that the player can use to change the music temporarily, and a statue of Harry Tipper on the floor above the bar situated across from the stage. The stage has a full band set up on it. The drum set can be played and the mic can be 'tested', both by pressing the action button, and the guitar will make various sounds when shot with a gun.

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