Demolition Derby
Ze TSWiki Arcade 9 Demolition Surface
Game Timesplitters 2
League Amateur League
Section It's a Blast
Mode Deathmatch
Map Scrapyard
Character R-109
Enemies Encountered ChassisBot x2
SentryBot x2
Rewards Bronze: Robot Factory
Silver: Female Trooper, Male Trooper
Gold: Vampire
Medal Requirements Bronze:1st
Silver: 1st and 15 Kills
Gold: 1st and 25 Kills
Platinum: 1st and 45 Kills
Demolition Derby, like the two previous matches in the It's a Blast Series, features only Rocket Launchers & Homing Launchers.


There's nothing like high explosives for reducing ChassisBots to chassis bits. The game lasts 4 minutes... Make sure you score top!


This match is going to get loud. Take the Homing Launcher and stay at the center. If you keep the only Homing Launcher spawn from the other robots, you are certain to achieve higher than a silver reward. The best strategy is to use the Rocket Launcher and learn how the bots move to anticipate their moves. You should aim at the floor to kill ChassisBots. SentryBots are slow, so with a little anticipation, you can get a direct shot on them. If you aim at the floor, you may need 2 shots. The Homing Launcher should only be used if you run out of ammunition, as it is less reliable than the rocket launcher. You can get over 60 kills with effort.

Trivia Edit