Decoratives are objects that can be placed in Mapmaker to add variety to a level. They cannot be collected or interacted with, but they help to make a map feel more 'well-made' and "decorated", and less bland. The exact nature of the item varies depending on the tileset it is placed in. Decoratives are only available in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.


TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

Tileset Appearance
Military A helmet on the end of a rifle standing vertically up from the ground. Even though the rifle is clearly the game's Soviet Rifle, it cannot be collected or otherwise used in any way.
Lab A microwave-like machine on a stand, reminiscent of a Star Trek replicator.
Horror A stuffed bear.
Egyptian A garish golden statue of Priestess from the original TimeSplitters.
Virtual A red, rectangular box-like object. Unlike most decorations, it makes for excellent cover.

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