Death Glitch
Requirements TimeSplitters 2
Finder Joshuasl

There is an odd glitch that takes some practice to do. This glitch can occur in any game mode in arcade custom. If you press pause a split second before you respawn, you'll enter an abyss thats entirely gray. All gun sounds are muted, and the abyss turns black when no gun is equipped. If you press pause and go to your inventory, the gun showcase is really shiny, like chrome. Every mode's death sequence lasts 10 seconds except Elimination, Flame Tag, Virus, and Vampire, which last three seconds. An accurate way to do this is to tap the pause button really fast.

The "abyss" is actually either out of the map, or in an area of it which has not been loaded to improve the console's framerate. On Hangar, if the glitch is performed you will spawn in the hangar itself (Though it will be invisible like in other out-of-bounds glitches) and may be able to see the part of the map you were supposed to spawn in. If this happens then team indicators will be visible in the abyss and sounds are not muted. Also on maps with skyboxes your view will alternate between seeing the black/gray abyss and the skybox texture.

The cause of this glitch is likely to be the pause function interrupting the spawn system scripts, which causes the game to put the player at the 'origin' of the map; where the coordinates of the map-building program (Used in the development of TimeSplitters 2) are equal to 0, 0, 0.

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