Deacon Swain
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2005
Related Characters Chastity Detroit (Co-worker)
Games TimeSplitters
Deacon Swain only appears in the original TimeSplitters, as one of the nine males, and eighteen core Story protagonists. He is a member of the LAPD, and wears a blue jacket with green and cream trousers and blue shoes as part of the uniform.



TS1 Deacon Swain Small Deacon Swain

Unlock Default
Gesture Stands forward saying "Oh boy! Am I ready for this", then salutes.
Deacon Swain is the playable male character of the Cyberden story mission. He also makes an appearance in a challenge and a bot set.


2005, CyberdenEdit

Main article: Cyberden (Story)

The Los Angeles Police Department sent two of their officers, Deacon Swain and Chastity Detroit, to investigate the plans of the Cyborgs, hidden away within their Cyberden. Chastity and Deacon took the plans and escaped alive.