Day of the Dammed
Game TimeSplitters 2
Section Behead The Undead
Location Siberia: Disk Room
Character Nikolai
Targets Feeder Zombie
Lt. Chill

Feeder Zombie
Medal Requirements

10000 points
15000 points
20000 points
25000 points
386025 points

The Day of the Dammed mission involves controlling Nikolai who gets trapped in a room in Oblask Dam and gets attacked by zombies. There are no weapons in this challenge except for your Fists.


It looks rather like curiosity got the better of Nikolai. Gunshots or no gunshots, he'd have been better off steering clear of the research centre altogether, and he should definitely have taken his gun. Keep him alive for as long as you can, using just his fists!


This challenge's objective is the same as the other Behead The Undead challenges: kill zombies with headshots and retain your health each round for points. The only difference this time is that you're unarmed, with only your fists to fend off the oncoming waves of the undead. The strategy here is to simply run forward and hit the zombies in the face one at a time. This will work for a couple of rounds. Eventually, faster zombies will attack and this will make this strategy less effective. Circling around the zombies while punching them works well. Make sure not to get cornered! Also, try running forward when the zombies are all grouped together and quickly back off when they try to strike you. They will end up hitting each other and killing fellow zombies by knocking each other's heads off.

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