Dancin' Drones
Requirements Mapmaker
A Pit with a Drone Splitter in it
Finder Unknown

In Mapmaker, there's a glitch in which Drones think they have guns and move in a way that looks like they're dancing. After like a minute or two, they stop dancing and punch you.

How to do itEdit

To do the glitch, you need to place a pit in which the Drones can't reach you, then place the Drone(s) in the bottom of the pit, and place the start point on the top part of the pit, or anywhere inaccessible to the bottom part, then preview. When you reach the Drone(s), it will look at you pulling out and putting away his gun and dancing, then you can kill it and continue.


  • This works only with the Mapmaker's Story mode.
  • You can NOT make a way of going up, or they'll use that way instead of staying in place.
  • This works on any Tile Set.
  • This actually works with any unarmed Story AI that can't reach you to punch you.
  • If you eventually get to where the Dancin' AI can reach you, they will not attack you; however, if they see you kill another AI, this will snap them out of it and they will finally come to punch you then.
  • Works in both TimeSplitters 2 and in Future Perfect (but, with different unarmed characters).

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