Dam Cold Out Here!
Dam cold out here
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Amateur League
Section Nightstick
Mode Zones
Map Siberia
Character Crispin
Accompanied by
Enemies Encountered Snowman x5
Rewards Bronze : Snowman
Medal Requirements Bronze : 37
Silver : 37 in 03:15.0
Gold : 37 in 03:00.0
Platinum : 37 in 02:45.0
World Record : 37 in 01:45.0

Dam Cold Out Here! is an Arcade League challenge in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. It involves playing Zones in the Siberia map.

Briefing Edit

Pesky snowmen, just because they're made of the stuff they think they own the frozen wonderland above the dam. Well, it's time to give them some hot action. Roast their cute carrot noses and fire up those coal eyes and make sure you keep the chilly little beggars off the zone bases to secure a win.

Strategy Edit

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