Dam Bursters
Dam bursters
Game TimeSplitters 2
Section Monkeying Around
Location Oblask Dam
Character Sgt. Shock
Targets Monkeys

Circus; Robofish
Medal Requirements

4000 points
6000 points
8000 points
9300 points
29040 points

Dam Bursters is a Monkeying Around challenge in TimeSplitters 2. You act as a Russian trooper, Sergeant Shock, on Oblask Dam equipped with a Minigun to shoot exploding monkeys before they hit the dam. You get points for shooting monkeys and making combos and lose points for letting monkeys hitting the dam. Monkeys going over the dam cause no point change.

Briefing Edit

The Russian Mafia object to the building of the Siberian Dam, and are trying to destroy it through the tactical use of exploding monkeys. It's up to you to save the villages downstream by blowing up the monkeys before they reach the dam!

Strategy Edit

Will give platinum with practice. Activate the continuous rotation of the minigun & fire in bursts to avoid overheating, don't be tempted to use Aim Mode just let Auto Aim do its stuff.

Aim mainly for the monkeys heading straight at you as these are far easier to hit, sidestep along the dam so that you are right in front of them especially the ones in groups, ignore the ones you're unlikely to get & concentrate on the ones you can get. Low monkeys tend to be easier to hit than high ones, also it's good to hit the low ones as they are more likely to hit the dam causing loss of points. It's sometimes worth aiming upwards to hit a monking floating directly over your head (especially to continue a combo) but don't end up swinging the gun around wildly in the air for high ones to the side as they go over the dam as they are difficult to hit.

Combos are the key to success, the rate of monkeys increases dramatically in the last minute so the chance of getting good combos also increases, don't worry if your score is a long way from the target score with 1 minute left.

Visibility is poor in the distance so if there are no good targets to aim for it can be worth firing aimlessly into the distance, you might get some lucky hits, which is especially useful if it keeps a combo going.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible to punch some of the monkeys as they fly over the dam, points are scored for doing this, but it's not much use for completing the challenge, as no additional points are scored, and the player can also lose health in the explosion when doing this.
  • The mission is based on Operation Chastise, an attack that took place during WWII.