Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1935
Related Characters Priestess
Games TimeSplitters

Cultist appears as a generic character in the original TimeSplitters, and sports a red fez much like the Bear's. He also wears red trousers, red shoes and a white top with purple fabric going over his left shoulder, as well as owning a beard.



TS1 Cultist Small Cultist

Unlock Complete Tomb on Easy
Gesture Looks up then down again, and waves his hand slightly.


The Cultists appear in the original TimeSplitters and feature as a character linked to the Tomb. They also are used in horror bot sets and based challenges, but appear nowhere else in the game.


1935, Egyptian TombEdit

Main article: Tomb (Story)

Cultists appear as the most common generic enemy in the Tomb mission. The Cultists and Priestesses tried to use the Ankh for their ritual, but were stopped by Captain Ash and Lady Jayne.

Trivia Edit

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