Crytek is a German video game company founded by the Yerli brothers in 1999. The main company is based in Frankfurt, Germany and headed by Cevat Yerli.

Association with Free Radical Design Edit

Following Free Radical Design's bankruptcy in 2008, the company's assets were bought by Crytek for £50 million and the studio was rechristened "Crytek UK." The British division of Crytek moved into spacious offices at Nottingham Southreef, where they helped develop several games for Crytek. They were responsible for developing the multiplayer of Crysis 2 and also had a hand in the development of Crysis 3. Currently, the studio is busy developing Homefront 2, which became a Crytek-owned IP following the bankruptcy of publisher THQ. The game is being developed in CryEngine 3 and no release date has been announced.

In July 2014, Crytek sold its Crytek UK division along with the Homefront IP, to Deep Silver parent company Koch media, which repurposed the Nottingham-based studio as "Deep Silver Dambuster Studios". As of August 2014, Crytek still holds ownership of the TimeSplitters IP, with unknown, if any, plans for it.

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