Crypt Zombie
Crypt zombie
Species Human/Zombie
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1895
Related Characters Jacque de la Morte (Raiser)
Games TimeSplitters 2
TimeSplitters Future Perfect

Crypt Zombie in Timesplitters 2.

Crypt Zombie is a generic Undead foe who originates from the crypts of Notre Dame Cathedral. He has no particularly distinguishing characteristics, but his mouth is constantly agape. He uses the same character model as Crispin, albeit with a different skin colour and texture.


TimeSplitters 2Edit

TS2 Crypt Zombie Crypt Zombie

Star 3
Unlock Arcade League > Amateur League > Beginners' Series > Casualty with Gold or better
Gallery The mortal remains of the cathedral monks had been at rest for generations in the catacombs of Notre Dame, but the evil magic of Jacque de la Morte has raised their mummified corpses as flesh-eating zombies, ready to carry out his every demand.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
10/20 12/20 8/20
The Crypt Zombie primarily appears in the Notre Dame mission as the raised corpse of deceased monks of the cathedral. Other non-canon variations seen within the League matches suggest he was a zombie contained within a Hospital morgue or were the restless spirits who tried and failed to master the Brick Flung High challenge from the original TimeSplitters.
Crypt Zombie 072202 05

Crypt Zombie attacking in the Hospital

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit


Crypt Zombie appearing in Timesplitters Future Perfect.

TSFP Crypt Zombie Small Crypt Zombie

Star 1
Unlock Default
Gallery Corpses had rested for centuries in the crypts of the great Venetian churches, until the evil magic of Jacque de la Morte raised them as flesh-eating zombies, ready to carry out his every demand. You can't really fault him for sticking with a winning plan...
Gesture Crypt Zombie starts off lying lifelessly on the floor. He then stands up grunting from the effort.
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
6/8 4/8 5/8 2/8

In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, Crypt Zombie along with most of the characters set around the Notre Dame Cathedral, now with a twist to their story. The story in TimeSplitters Future Perfect claims that the Crypt Zombie was a zombie raised by Jacque de la Morte in various Venetian churches. As Crypt Zombie is simply a generic zombie, both could be true. However, Maidens gallery suggests that she and the rest of the characters are two years into the future. This could be referencing the bridge years between the releases of TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect, but there were three years in between the games. The zombies could not exist two years into the future due to Jacque de la Morte dying in Notre Dame. It could be set in the past, however it is more than likely it is not a canon storyline.


1895, Notre Dame CathedralEdit

Main article: Notre Dame (Story)

The necromancer, Jacque de la Morte, revived the dead at Notre Dame Cathedral, raising the dead monks resting there to do as Jacque wished.

Trivia Edit

  • He uses some of Jacque's voice clips.

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