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Ammo 4/46
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
5.2 per second
Reload Time 1 sec
Damage (per Single Shot)
Type Other
Native Timezone 1920
Zoom Yes, x2.75
Primary Fire Launches arrow
Secondary Fire Launches all four arrows in succession
Games TimeSplitters 2

The crossbow is a weapon found in the 1920's Aztec level in TimeSplitters 2. Its arrows are of moderate strength and must be rapidly fired in order to kill an enemy. Arrows lit by torches (most notably in the Aztec and Mexican Mission levels) can be used to set enemies on fire. In Story, the only way to kill a Wood Golem is with a flaming crossbow bolt. An arrow that has hit a wall or floor can be picked up and reused, much like the harpoons and tranquilizer darts from TimeSplitters Future Perfect. The bolts are affected by gravity, so compensation is required for longer shots.

Interestingly, if an arrow is set alight, it will burn indefinitely until the weapon is changed or all the weapon is reloaded. Other times the arrows can glitch and an arrow will float in the air, not attached to the body of a player/bot.


The Crossbow view model and spawn model