Crispy Duck
Game TimeSplitters
Section 2
Mode Escort
Map Docks
Character Mr. Big
Bots Chinese Chef

Chinese Waiter
Duckman Drake

Rewards Duckman Drake
The Duck lives
100% (Too numerous to list)

Crispy Duck is Challenge 2-C in the original TimeSplitters. It involves escorting Duckman Drake around the Docks map. It comes after Dock Duck Shoot and before Tin Man Trial.

Briefing Edit

Duck season's over and Duckman Drake is heading off on vacation. But the restaurant staff want to serve him up with pancakes with hoisin sauce. Don't let them. You must keep that duck alive.

Strategy Edit

This is the first Escort level you must do in Challenge mode, if you're taking the challenges in order. Compared to the other two, this is middle-of-the-road in terms of difficulty. There are only two enemies (A Chef and a Waiter). The weapons are the same as they are in Flock Around The Dock. For the most part, you should stick with the Uzi x2 or the M16, depending on ammo. Be proactive in going after the enemies; The radar is enabled for this level, so if you spot the enemies congregating in the warehouse, rush in and gun them down. Be careful; You have VERY low health in this escort. This is especially noteworthy when you encounter gun turrets. There are three in this level (Two on the walls under an overhang, one on a wall close to the end). They do not target Duckman Drake; They target you, and they can kill you incredibly quickly.

Near the end of the challenge, keep your eyes on the windows of the warehouse. The enemies can shoot through the windows towards Duckman Drake, and deny you a victory if you're so close to the end.

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