Come Hell Or High Water
Come Hell or High Water
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Section Cut-out Shoot-out
Map Venice
Character Viola
Enemies Encountered Cardboard Characters
Rewards Bronze: Goddard
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1150 points
Silver: 1450 points
Gold: 1600 points
Platinum: 1800 points

Come Hell Or High Water is a TimeSplitters Future Perfect Challenge. It involves shooting cardboard characters, scoring most points by shooting in the midriff.


Viola likes nothing better than to unwind on a gondola drifting along the tranquil canals of Venice. Mind you, this is a working holiday so be sure to shoot as many demons as possible and take care to miss the tourists. No, really, I know it's tempting but just shoot at the demons...


The challenge is difficult, but becomes much easier once you figure out where the targets are and where to hit them. Almost all of the targets have a square area where, when hit, will net you 100 points. For the woman, hitting her behind will get you the 100, the demon's hit-box is from his hands to his pelvis (you must hit these parts, if you hit the sides, you get 75 points.) The insect is the only character with two hit-boxes (one in the center of his mouth and one on his chest). When you are doing the challenge, it is advised that you equip your scope to allow for the precision you need, also it is recommend to hit the bug in the chest as opposed to the mouth because the chest is a much easier target to hit.

During the challenge, you are going to have to shoot 18 targets that will randomly appear and avoid hitting the tourists (doing so will cost you 100 points). This sounds easy, but bear in mind that in order to get a gold, you are only allowed to "miss" 2 targets (The gold score requires you to get 1600 points). Getting the 1600 points is difficult too because even if you miss 2 targets, you are required to hit all of the remaining targets perfectly. This is made more difficult by the Venicitan surroundings, (the windows, lattices and bridges) and the fact that many of the targets move.To make this easier, it is advised you miss the two moving targets in the windows as they are hard to hit perfectly because of the movement of them and the boat. One more note is that the lady target underneath the bridge will disappear if you do not hit her, and is the only cut-out to do so.

Remember that because this challenge focuses on accuracy, your best bet would be to keep replaying the stage to know exactly where each cut-out (and tourist) will appear, and to know where to hit them. After about 5 or 6 playthroughs, you should be okay.

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