Colt Pistol
Ammo 6/494
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
1.8bps / 1.2bps (single wield) 3bps/2.2bps (dual wield)
Reload Time 0.8s (approx.)TS1 SRT
(x2) allows unsynchronized reloading
Damage (per Single Shot)
Type Pistol
Zoom No
Primary Fire Automatic fire
Secondary Fire Automatic fire
Games TimeSplitters

The Colt Pistol is a revolver that only appears on TimeSplitters 1 (the revolver theme does continue however, with the Garrett Revolver in TimeSplitters 2 and the Revolver in TimeSplitters Future Perfect). It has a slow fire rate and you only get six shots per reload, which is poor, but realistic considering it is a revolver, and the reloading is slow, also realistic considering when the player does reload all six empty cases can be seen falling to the ground. Its only advantages are the amount of damage you can do per shot (allegedly, two shots can kill the target) and the large amount of ammo you can get for it (a rather unrealistic 500 rounds, which is shared with any other 9mm firing weapon in the player's arsenal, if in use).

The Colt Pistol (x2) benefits from an ammo technicality, in that should the player be equipped with a single Colt Pistol with 6/400 bullets for example, then pick up the Colt Pistol (x2), each pistol will have 400 bullets at their disposal; as opposed to the second pistol sharing the first one's ammo supply and halving the bullets.

Trigger mashing allows to shoot faster. About 33% faster in primary mode and more or less 60% faster in secondary mode.

The sound this weapon makes is also realistic to real models of its type, with ricochet sounds being heard as each bullet finds its mark.

When "if best" is switched on, the Colt Pistol ranks as the worst gun on TS1 and 5th worst overall weapon, only beaten by the Brick and assorted mines. It is also on the same level as the TNT. The Colt Pistol (x2) on the other hand, is only the 10th worst weapon, on a level with the Sniper Rifle and Scifi Sniper Rifle.

Colt Pistol

Colt Pistol player and spawn models