Cold Corpse Caper
Ze TSWiki Arcade 10 Cold Corpse Caper
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Honorary League
Section Maximus
Mode Gladiator
Map Hospital
Character Cyberfairy
Enemies Encountered Crypt Zombie x4
Gargoyle x2
Rewards Silver: Gargoyle
Gold: Cyberfairy
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1st
Silver: 1st and 10 points
Gold: 1st and 15 points
Platinum: 1st and 40 points

Cold Corpse Caper is a TimeSplitters 2 Arcade League match. It is the first Gladiator match in the game, often confusing some players, due to the fact that only the gladiator can count kills.


After dark, the freaks crawl off their slabs and prowl the Hospital morgue. Cyberfairy has dropped in to sprinkle some hot lead pixie dust and send them back to sleep!


  • Try to shoot the Crypt Zombies as they die more quickly than the Gargoyles, also hide in the bottom bathroom as its harder for them to all get you.
  • Full strategy, will give gold easily & platinum with a bit of luck, the best weapon is probably the Tommy Gun (x2) or possibly the Grenade Launcher. The first task is to find the gladiator (use the radar to find them) & kill them with the best weapon you can find to become gladiator yourself, once you've done this go to the toilet area, wait in the small corridor with the cubicles off it, there is a double Tommy Gun in the last cubicle if you need it. Wait in a position where you can see diagonally out through the small square room into the long corridor & blast everyone who comes near, if any of them respawn in with you simply turn & shoot them. Mainly use the double Tommy Gun, but if you have the Grenade Launcher you can use it, make sure you use explosive grenades not fireballs, watch the radar & if anyone is near then send grenades into the long corridor even if you can't see them.