TS2 Invisible Character

An invisible character.

A Cloak or Invisibility as it is sometimes called, is a power-up which looks like a glowing yellow sphere that contains a light gray veil. It temporarily turns the player almost invisible, leaving just a shimmering, translucent outline. The HUD of the player that uses the power-up appears transparent, with additive alpha blending. The effect of the Cloak/Invisibility power-up lasts for 33 seconds.

Invisability Effect

A Tommy Gun with invisibility.

With this power-up, opposition players will find it difficult or even impossible to spot the user. In TimeSplitters 2, AI seemed to be fooled by the effect for only a brief amount of time. TimeSplitters Future Perfects bots were slightly easier to trick. They usually will not be able to see the player until they are fired upon. Against humans however, the invisibility power-up turns from a full blown advantage to simply a nuisance to the opponent. The combination of the cloak shimmer and the radar dot means finding a cloaked player is simply a matter of looking in his general direction and firing madly.


An invisibility power-up on the TS 2 Arcade map, Ufopia.

Trivia Edit

  • In TimeSplitters 2, the Scourge Splitter's purple flames are still visible when he is cloaked.
  • In Virus, the flames emitted from an infected still appear if they are cloaked.
  • A few Robot characters possessing a light source can be seen even with being cloaked. Robofish being an example.
  • Surprisingly, unarmed enemies can see you in some cases.