Clip Clamp
Species Human/Zombie
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1994
Related Characters N/A
Games TimeSplitters Future Perfect

Clip Clamp in Timesplitters Future Perfect.


Clip Clamp is a Zombie character in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. His body seems to be sown together from the body parts and rotting flesh from leftover experiments.

Appearances Edit

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

TSFP Clip Clamp Small Clip Clamp

Star 3
Unlock Default
Gallery Autopsy, schmaw-topsy.
Gesture Falls down while saying, "Do I have red on me?"
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
5/8 5/8 8/8 2/8

Clip Clamp's sole appearance is in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, in which he appears sparingly as an enemy in the Story mode level What Lies Below. Aside from this, he makes appearances in Arcade League, Challenge mode and a bot set.


Clip Clamp, set on fire by a Flamethrower


  • His voice clip on the character select screen is a reference to the movie Shaun Of The Dead.
  • He shares sounds with Mr. Underwood, however, in his case, the sounds are slowed down and sound deeper. He shares these clips with Gilbert Gastric.

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