Size Medium
Location Ringmistress's Circus
Climate Cloudy
Unlockable Challenge > Dam Bursters
with a Silver or higher
Recommended Bots Bear
Leo Krupps
Lola Varuska
Mister Giggles
Recommended Weapons Silenced Pistol
SBP90 Machinegun
Homing Launcher

Although the Circus is not the largest map, this TimeSplitters 2 map might possibly have the largest amount of different areas from the game. There is the large circus tent arena-like area, a merry-go-round, a maze-like out-doors, and a cage room. This is the setting of the circus freaks. The music featured here is a mischievous style circus band music. This map is last on the map selection screen, preceded by Site. The level has no time period listed or a corresponding Story level, but modern buildings, such as skyscrapers and houses, can be seen in the distance, suggesting that it is set at the present date. This map happens to have the biggest amount of non-story characters attached to it.

Areas Edit

  • Circus Tent: The building from which this map gets its name, the circus tent is a large arena, with a large, sandy floor, stands you can walk on, and a surrounding entrance room. This area features several spawn points, a Zone, armour, health, a Shrink powerup, an Invisibility powerup, and a level five weapon. It is also the area of Sergio's Last Stand Challenge.
  • Merry-Go-Round: Also known as a carousel. This circular room of horror is also rather large. It features a merry-go-round (who would have thought?), and a surrounding ground-base. Like the Circus Tent, this place features a Zone, several spawns, armour, health, and a level 5 weapon.
  • Outdoors: The way in and out of all the other places in the map. The outdoors, unlike all the other areas (which have a reddish tint), has a old, abandoned feel to it. The outdoors make a circle around the entire Circus. They also feature what looks like destroyed buildings, further increasing the abandoned feel. In one of these remains is another Zone, another contains a Speed Powerup, and another a weapon.
  • Cage room: This room is full of large stands that look like they may hold animal cages at times. There are two exits here, both leading to the outdoors. One of the corners provides a good camping area, especially if you're playing Elimination. Like the other three areas, there are 1-2 spawn points here, a Zone, and one weapon .

Gameplay Advice Edit

This level is best for Deathmatch, Zones , Bag Tag, and Elimination. The open areas provide room to maneuver in BagTag, a fun Zone map. and there are lots of "survival zones" for Elimination. Overall a very good level for deathmatch, as it is rather easy to find players. Weapons suggested are fun ones to use, such as Homing Launchers or Flamethrowers.

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