Bot GlitchEdit

Bot Glitch
Requirements TimeSplitters 2
-Flame Tag
Finder Joshuasl

This Glitch can be successfully carried out in the arcade level Chinese, in the dining rooms with the kitchen attached. If you go down the stairs to the dining room and go near one of the glass walls closest to stairs, you'll need to go around it and to the corner. If you stand there during Virus or Flame Tag, the bots can't get near you and they run toward you but they just run toward the glass wall instead.

Projectile GlitchEdit

Projectile Glitch
Requirements TimeSplitters 2
Finder Ceratix

There is a glitch in one of the tunnels leading to the underground. There is a vent on the wall which most projectiles (Grenade Launcher recommended) will pass through and you will see it pass through the wall and continue going down through the level until it sinks through the level boundaries. This also works with the vent that is further down the stairs.

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