Chinese is set in 1970 at a Chinese restaurant named Orientals. It is seemingly the hideout/rendezvous of a gang, and Lt. Christine Malone and Det. Harry Tipper must investigate. All the members of staff are hostile in this mission, so it could be assumed that they are all part of the gang.

It is widely assumed that Mr. Big is in-charge of the Chinese gang, although this is not officially set in stone.

  • Chinese Easy World Record NTSC - 32.3 seconds by Butternutsquash and Ace (NTSC)
  • Chinese Easy World Record PAL - 32.8 seconds by Ace and Sniper WD
  • Chinese Normal World Record - 46.6 seconds by Butternutsquash
  • Chinese Hard World Record - 50.0 seconds by Ace


Seize the gang's files as evidence and get back to the alley.


Characters EncounteredEdit





Timesplitters 1 showcase Chinese (Story on Normal)

Timesplitters 1 showcase Chinese (Story on Normal)

Make every shot count. Go through the outside while hiding behind walls and shooting the shotguns and grenades out. When they duck, quickly retreat and return to shoot again. When you get to Mister Big, find their legs slowly, and then fire away. You have probably lost some damage, so go to the left door and shoot them all out quickly and carefully. When you get to the two Mister Big's, kill them slowly but at the same time do it fast to not waste time. Go back to the right door and shoot out all the baddies while heading to the bathroom. If you didn't kill one that noticed you, he'll follow you to the bathroom. Kill him (them) there and go to the kitchen. No stealth here, go to the left part of the kitchen and kill everyone, then go to the middle part to finish anyone you left, and go down the stairs. Quickly shoot out the baddies there and destroy the turret. Destroy the exploding crates, as they will take care of the enemies behind them. When you reach the last room, shoot Mr. Big before he shoots you, or take your time and do it slowly. Get the files and fly past the TimeSplitters. Pick up the health kits from the bathroom you are going to meet up with and the columns in front of the start.



  • The kitchen doors open about 0.3 quicker on NTSC version of the game than on PAL.
  • On Easy, you can open the door on the furthest side of the kitchen once you obtain the evidence.
  • On Normal you can open the door next to the exit of the kitchen once you obtain the evidence.
  • On Hard you cannot open any of the kitchen doors.