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Chemical Plant is a TimeSplitters Story mission. A SWAT Team is searching for stolen jewels hidden somewhere in Chemical Plant. The thieves who placed the jewels there, Fingers McKenzie and Ravelle Velvet must get the jewels and escape. The mission takes place in 1985.

Records Edit

  • Chemical Plant Easy World Record - 15.2 seconds by Ace, Sniper WD and Butternutsquash
  • Chemical Plant Normal World Record - 19.1 seconds by MepH
  • Chemical Plant Hard World Record - 21.2 seconds by Ace


Reclaim the case of stolen jewels and get back out of the plant.


Characters EncounteredEdit




Other than the sniping you'll do on the initial part of the level, most of this mission is spent indoors and on catwalks, dispatching law enforcement and thugs as you climb your way up to the briefcase located in the brick building just to your right, as seen from spawn.

On Easy, the staircase located in the white building can be used to significantly decrease your time (and your bullets spent,) but this staircase is blocked on the higher difficulties (although the Malehood hiding under the first flight of stairs with a shotgun remains, making it in your best interest to skip that building altogether on Normal and Hard.)

On Normal and Hard, your best friend on the exterior of the map is your Pistol; with a quick trigger finger and the benefit of no recoil, the Pistol can be even more helpful than the Sniper Rifle. Distance should be kept with the shotgun-wielders, who will come out of the white building and the brick building you'll need to enter. Two crates near said brick building conceal armor and a Grenade Launcher.

This Grenade Launcher and Shotgun is your bread-and-butter on the interior; enemies are often stationed in groups of two and shoot as soon as they see you, and a swift explosion in the middle of them can easily take them out. As you enter the top floor of the map, caution should be heeded, so as not to fall off the catwalks and lose time (although no health damage will occur.)

On Normal, it's considerably easier to enter the building with the briefcase through the broken catwalks patrolled by the very first two gun-wielding enemies you encounter on the level. Once the briefcase is taken, a quick jump off the catwalk will land you a very short trip from the exit point; the shotgun should be equipped during your escape to make quick work of the TimeSplitters that will spawn near the exit point.


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