There are five glitches known to work in Chasm. Two of them happen randomly, one of them is unfortunate, and two of them can be used to your advantage.

Lose two LivesEdit

Lose two Lives
Requirements Chasm
Finder I Lion Heart I

In Chasm, if you get killed and then you fall off into the chasm. you lose two lives. If you're on Elimination and have one life yet, if this happens to you, you will achieve -1 lives. You won't be down ranked for having less lives than anyone else but it's something to laugh about.

Quick Deaths and Impossible ComebacksEdit

Quick Deaths and Impossible Comebacks
Requirements All modes except:
Finder I Lion Heart I

In Chasm, sometimes when a Bot falls into the abyss, he gets loads of minus lives. In Elimination the opponent can die within ten seconds.

Also in Chasm, in point games with Kills - Deaths, they get thousands of minus points. Try playing with the computer in Team Deathmatch, it will never end unless there's a timer. If you view the score table at the right time you may also see the counter going down.

The Living DeadEdit

The Living Dead
Requirements Elimination
Finder I Lion Heart I

On Chasm Elimination, it is possible to be facing more enemies than you should, sometimes bots don't permanently die when they run out of lives; they continue respawn and become like monkey helpers, but against everyone. Only Bots can do this. It is likely that these Bots have achieved a negative number of lives by the Quick Deaths and Impossible Comebacks glitch. It also causes character icons of elimianted players to stay on the rankings bar on-screen.

Jump GlitchEdit

Jump Glitch
Requirements None
Finder I Lion Heart I

This one requires some luck. To know which direction to go from, go to the area where all three bridges lead to on one side. If you head to the highest and middle bridge and run to the other side, you'll notice that on your right and under you is a wall (other rooms will have windows), jump off right into one of the rooms and you'll just be in a place in chasm but it wont look like Chasm. You can still shoot the enemies.

Ledge GlitchEdit

Ledge Glitch
Requirements None
Finder Quackinator

In the main room of the blue side (The largest room with the ramp), there is a ledge that runs round the wall on the part of the room that is 2 tiles high, along where the divide would be. This ledge can be walked on easily by going to the top of the ramp and just walking along it. Bots do not come on here, meaning on some matches (eg. flame tag) it can make the match easy. If this is done in flame tag or virus, the tagged bots will just run at the wall below doing nothing, so as long as no one gets too close to the infected, they will stay there. You can also camp here and shoot people, though I am unsure as to whether the bots will shoot back at you when you are here.

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