Ze TSWiki Casualty
Game Timesplitters 2
League Amateur League
Section Beginners' Series
Mode Deathmatch
Map Hospital
Character Dr. Peabody
Enemies Encountered Feeder Zombie
Crypt Zombie x2
Sewer Zombie
Private Poorly
Rewards Silver: Dr. Peabody
Gold: Crypt Zombie
Medal Requirements Bronze: 15 Kills
Silver: 15 Kills in 5 min 30 secs
Gold: 15 Kills in 3 min 30 secs
Platinum: 15 kills in 1 min

Casualty is the second match of the Beginners' Series. This one isn't much different from the previous match Adios Amigos, as it's quite easy to acquire a gold trophy, although you now have to score 15 kills instead of 10, with 30 extra seconds given.


Dr. Peabody left the morgue door open and now Zombies are running loose all over the Hospital. Visiting time starts in ten minutes - try to kill 15 of the living dead before then!


The strategy for this match isn't much different from Adios Amigos, just run around and kill things, this time zombies. The best weapons to use here are the Plasma Autorifle, ElectroTool and Homing Launcher. Just go around and kill as fast as you can, 15 kills doesn't take long to acquire here. One of the tougher things about this match is that you're fighting zombies, so their heads will fall off if shot. However, you can still land a headshot if you shoot their neck, but it's easier to just aim for their torso instead.

  • An alternative strategy, which will give gold easily, or platinum if lucky, is to use mainly the Lasergun, but the Homing Launcher might be worth using if you start near it. Set the weapon change option to never, then go to the long corridor that leads to the area with the toilets. Charge up and down this corridor, firing continuous bursts if any enemies show up. Stay mainly in this corridor, but keep an eye on the radar, and if it looks like there are several enemies nearby, go to where they are, especially if you're chasing a platinum and you've got nearly 15 kills and the time is running out. There is a Lasergun just around the corner at one end of the corridor, but you should be able to pick up enough ammo from any killed enemies that happened to be using the Lasergun. To get a platinum, you'll have to hope that enough enemies come along quickly enough for you to kill them in time.


  • Although this is a Deathmatch, it doesn't matter if other characters get 10 kills before you do, as long as you get your 10 within the time limit, so this will not result in a fail. This is the same situation with Adios Amigos, the other Beginners' Series deathmatch.