Size Medium
Location Old Castle
Climate Night
Unlockable Village on Normal

Castle is a map that only appeared in TimeSplitters 1. Although it is not a large map, there are loads of twisting corridors, dead ends and very few open areas making it easy to get lost in.

The map is built around a central tower. Each side of the castle has an outdoor room and a staircase. The castle includes a dungeon, an accessible roof and a Dr. Frankenstein-like lab.


  • A glitch near the castle gate allows the to player to exit the map. When a player jumps from the bridge (see picture on right) into the opposite wall, he falls out of the boundaries of the map and is free to walk on the outside of the map.


Timesplitters 1 showcase Castle05:16

Timesplitters 1 showcase Castle

Castle video

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