Can't Please Everyone
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Elite League
Section Frantic Series
Mode Zones
Map Hospital
Character Maiden
Bots Maiden
Undead Priest

Medal Requirements

800 in 04:00.0
800 in 03:00.0
800 in 02:30.0
800 in 01:45.0
Can't Please Everyone is a Zones challenge in the Arcade League Frantic Series section of the Elite League in TimeSplitters 2. The Maidens and Undead Priests can't agree on what colour to paint the Hospital, so they have decided to settle their argument over a friendly game of Zones.


The Hospital needs redecorating. The Maidens like the idea of a cheerful red but the Priests are dead set on blue. Test out your color schemes in key rooms to see what would be best.


As this is a zones game your main focus is turning the bases your colour, but setting the enemies on fire is the key to success. There is a Grenade Launcher under one of the stairways, get it & use the alternate fire to shoot fireballs. As you make your way around to the bases every time you see one of the priests set him on fire, when they are on fire they head for the shower room to put themselves out instead of trying to turn the bases their colour, don't shoot them with any other weapon as you want them to take as long as possible to die because when they respawn they'll go for the bases again. Try to avoid the other maidens getting set alight as they will also stop going for the bases. It doesn't matter too much if you get set alight, if it happens you can make use of it to run into enemies & set them alight that way.

Learning the level is also useful so you can go to whichever bases aren't your colour. The first (left) colour indicator in the on-screen display refers to the base in the chapel with the wide balcony above it, the second is the one in the chapel with the narrow balcony above it, the third is the one in the downstairs ward & the fourth (right) is the one in the upstairs ward. This strategy will give platinum.