But Where Do The Batteries Go?
But Where do the Batteries Go
Game TimeSplitters 2
Section TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic
Map Scrapyard
Character R One-Oh-Seven
Enemies Encountered ChassisBot
Motion Robot Turret
Robot Turret
Reaper Splitter
Rewards Silver: R One-Oh-Seven
Medal Requirements Bronze: 10 min
Silver: 7 min
Gold: 5 mins 30 secs
Platinum: 4 min 30 secs
World Record: 1 min 54.8 secs

But Where Do The Batteries Go? is a TimeSplitters 2 Challenge. It involves going through the extended Scrapyard level to pick up an item and return to the start. Much like the TimeSplitters 1 Story levels. This is considered one of the hardest Challenges on TimeSplitters 2.

Briefing Edit

R107's therapist won't be pleased. Just when it looked like he was finally cured, his will has crumbled. He's slipped on a dark Lycra bodysuit and donned the crudely crayoned cardboard boxes once again. I - am - Robot!

Strategy Edit

For a Bronze or Silver, this shouldn't be as challenging as it appears. Kill everything in sight and relentlessly shoot until they are all dead. Once you are safe, proceed, picking up the armors along the way as needed. Grab the Item, and run back out.

Now for Gold or Platinum, this is certainly a tricky one. Kill the first Chassisbot that is in your way, and progress through to the building. Kill only the Chassisbot inside that is in your way. Don't pick up the armor even after the R-109 attacks you. This will be necessary for the escape. Now run through to the Cooling Towers. You will be confronted by the Homing Missile turret, avoid that, and kill the R-109 with the Minigun and pick up the Minigun. Now, proceed and pick up the armor. Make it through the next room, strafing to dodge the turrets, and shooting down the R-109 bots that will be in your path. Once through, you must go through the room that is next to the Control room. Go straight through it. You will be confronted by a couple of those Moving Robt Turrets along the way, just run past them, strafing if necessary. Pick up the item and gun down everything in your path on the way out. That armor that we saved near the beginning is useful, so grab it, as you will need it once you make it outside. Once outside, pretty much make a dash for the portal, only shooting at things if they are in your way. If you have done this strategy right, you should have a time under 5:30, which is Gold. If you really do everything right, you should have a Platinum.


  • There are big similarities between this challenge and the Arcade League match Nice Threads, so if you are chasing awards on both, it's probably worth doing them together to make the most of your knowledge. However, this is often considered the "easier" of the two, because you can take much more punishment in this challenge before you die, and most of the enemies are not as strong as they are in Nice Threads (save for the R-109 enemies). The only part this could be considered more challenging is the fact you must essentially run through the base twice.


  • The music that plays in this challenge is the "TS Goteki Remix" theme, instead of the Scrapyard theme.