Brown Zombie
Species Human/Zombie
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1935 - 1965
Related Characters Green Zombie
Games TimeSplitters
Brown Zombie is a generic zombie appearing solely in the original TimeSplitters. He shares his appearance and characteristics with Green Zombie, except he is mirrored, and has a slight brown tinge to his character model. The right side of his face shows visible skull, whereas the left side still has burgundy-coloured flesh and a clear white eye. The rest of his body is skeletal, the majority covered with flesh.



TS1 Brown Zombie Small Brown Zombie

Unlock Challenge > 1-B Putrid Punchout
Gesture Gets up from the ground whilst grunting.
Brown Zombie appears in three Story missions, as well as many Challenges where he is usually accompanied by other zombies. He's also featured in two bot sets.


1935, Egyptian TombEdit

Main article: Tomb (Story)

Brown Zombies appear as generic enemies throughout the Tomb mission. They remain as seemingly dead corpses sitting on the ground until a player moves into their radius, triggering them to stand up and walk towards the player in a stereotypically zombie-like way. They can only be defeated once their head is removed, otherwise they will get back up every time they are blown to the floor.

1950, VillageEdit

Main article: Village (Story)

The Brown Zombie appears briefly in the Village as well; it carries no weapons and appears only two or three times depending on the escape route you use.

1965, Gallows Hill MansionEdit

Main article: Mansion (Story)

The Brown Zombie appears as a type of zombie haunting the Gallows Hill Mansion. They appear commonly throughout the level; some appear awaiting for the player to move near while others are seen spawning in. They can only be defeated once their head is removed and they share all the zombie walking traits; if they are blown to the ground by a Shotgun, they will raise up and continue to follow the players throughout the level.

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