Bricking it
Game TimeSplitters 2
Section Glass Smash
Location Siberia: Satellite Dish Area
Character Lt. Frost
Targets Windows (22)

Medal Requirements

1 min 30.0 sec
45.0 sec
35.0 sec
28.0 sec
Bricking it is a Glass Smash Challenge in which your aim is to smash all the windows in the satellite dish area of Siberia with Bricks.

Briefing Edit

After Private Poorly's incident with a grenade yesterday, all ammunition has been confiscated until further notice. This is no excuse to miss training though, so you'll have to improvise!

Strategy Edit

Go the same directions as Pane in the Neck except smash each window with the bricks and go inside the building up top. The last building needs precision throwing from the window through the door but that should get you the statues and prizes.

  • Alternative/specific strategy. It's best to use alternative fire which gives a higher/longer throw. As you go up the steps head for the building to your left, go to the left of it, there are 3 window so put a brick through each one, try to get one of the bricks to go through the window in the door also, then go past the door (get this window if you missed it before). Head towards the 2 storey building & get all 6 windows, get the 3 top ones one after the other that way when you get the right height you can sidestep to the next window. Go to the right of the building, there are 3 windows so put a brick through each then go up the stairs, turn left put a brick through the window in the door go to the board across to the next building (if you want a safe time drop off the left of the board & put a brick through the window in the door then carry on with the other 3) if you want a faster time drop off the right of the board, go to the right of the building, there are 3 windows so get them all, in the process make sure 1 of the bricks also goes through the window in the door. Go past this building, going away from the 2 storey building, go through the gap between 2 buldings, the last building is ahead of you go to the right of it where you'll find the door, put a brick through the window, aiming to get it through 1 of the other windows also, while doing this open the door & get the remaining windows. An even faster but riskier time could be achieved by not opening the door but by smashing all the windows with bricks through all the window in the door, but I got my platinum (26.6) by opening the door.