Brick Flung High
Game TimeSplitters
Section 4
Location Chinese
Character Chinese Chef
Targets Windows
Rewards Brick
140 in 04:30.0
140 in 01:52.1

Brick Flung High is Challenge 4-C in the original TimeSplitters. It involves smashing glass with Bricks in Chinese (just like the Avec Le Brique challenge in TimeSplitters Future Perfect). It comes after Don't Wait Around and before First Impressions. This challenge is mentioned in TimeSplitters 2 in the arcade match Nikki Jinki Bricky.

Briefing Edit

That was far too easy! Bet you can't do it again using only bricks. Smash all the windows and plates. You have 4 minutes 30 seconds.

Strategy Edit

This may seem like an awful level considering how horrible the Brick is, but it's really not too bad. A thing to keep in mind is your Fists can break glass. When dealing with glass and plates at ground level, don't waste time bricking every single one of them - Simply punch them.

When you DO have to use the bricks, keep in mind the difference in arc between a normal throw and a "secondary fire" throw. Both have their uses. The most difficult set of glass to break is probably in the main foyer, near the ceiling. Good aim is required here.

You may also hit your head by accident and die (And probably consequently become a ghost haunting this place a few years later). This won't fail the challenge, but depending on where you are, this can waste valuable time, though generally the time limit is VERY lenient if you know to punch windows/plates out instead of wasting time bricking them.