Bowl Them Over
Game TimeSplitters 1
Section 3
Map Castle
Character Robofish
Enemies Encountered Hick Hyde
Insect Mutant
Overall Mutant
Priest Mutant
Rewards Robofish
Medal Requirements 40 heads

Bowl Them Over is Challenge 3-C in the original TimeSplitters. It involves knocking the heads off Mutants. It comes after Lobster Run and before Shame if Something Got Broken.


The mutants think your fishbowl head is weak - so they've challenged you to fight. Show them that you're made of tougher stuff. Win by knocking off at least 40 of their heads in 5 minutes.


This is a fairly obnoxious challenge, thanks to the strict requirements. The best weapons for this job are the Assault Shotgun and Uzis. There are several areas where you can camp to have the mutants come to you. Aim with the crosshair towards where their head might be, and fire when they get into your area. Decent aim and a bit of luck are required here. It's also a good idea to have the map (The Castle) learned, so you can effectively navigate it.