Big Top Blowout
Game TS2
League Elite League
Section Frantic Series
Mode Deathmatch
Map Circus
Character Ringmistress
Enemies Encountered Leo Krupps
Mister Giggles
Rewards Silver: Mister Giggles
Gold: Stumpy
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1st
Silver: 1st and 25 Kills
Gold: 1st and 35 Kills
Platinum: 1st and 45 Kills
Big Top Blowout is an Arcade League Deathmatch mission in the Frantic Series section of the Elite League in TimeSplitters 2.


There's been unrest at the Circus since Stumpy hammered a tent peg up Mr Giggles' nose as part of last night's show. Mischief has cracked open a crate of homing rocket launchers and now it's every freak for themselves!


Not exactly a strategy but some tips to help you achieve platinum. You start off anarmed so find the nearest Homing Launcher if there isn't one but there's an enemy close by it's probably worth trying to punch, you might get a kill & pick up their weapon, if you get killed then hopefully you'll respawn near a Homing Launcher. Set Weapon Select to Best, that way if you run out of ammo then collect another Homing Launcher it will auto-select, but if you continuously collect them you can afford to fire them like there's no tomorrow & hopefully not run out. The speed up is worth having so collect it if you go near it. Collect armour & health also but don't go out of your way to get them. There's some armour on the way into the main ring area collect this as the main ring can be a high scoring area but also very dangerous so you'll want to stay alive in there as long as possible to pick up some kills. If you can't see anyone to shoot at then use the radar to find them, but it's also worth getting to know the layout as it can be confusing at first & there are some awkward areas, such as to get from the outside into the main ring is quite a long route & you probably won't find any enemies on the way.