Big Game Hunt
Big Game Hunt
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Amteur League
Section One Gun Fun
Mode Team Deathmatch
Map Siberia
Character Leonid
Enemies Encountered The Deerhaunter x8
Rewards Bronze : Vlad the Installer
Medal Requirements Bronze : 1st and 15 kills
Silver : 1st and 25 kills
Gold : 1st and 35 kills
Platinum : 1st and 48 kills
World Record : 1st and 93 kills (Ace)

Big Game Hunt is the second Arcade League challenge in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, and can be tough if you don't know what you're doing.

Briefing Edit

Things haven't been the same around Oblask since Leonid pulled the wrong lever and dumped a tank of radioactive coolant into the frozen lake. The wildlife has mutated and now locals are enjoying the best hunting season since aliens landed in Tunguska back in 1908.

Strategy Edit

Since you need a high number of kills in a fairly short amount of time armed only with the Sniper Rifle, it is suggested that you use a different tactic. Use your Radar and follow the purple arrow to the Vehicle. Now go run over the Deerhaunters. They are inside and on top of the dam, but with your radar you will be able to see the direction where they come from, which is the same for all of them (they won't circle around or anything). Using this strategy, it's easy to get a gold and even a platinum.

It's also relatively easy to headshot the Deerhaunters from a distance due to their mismatched head hitbox- hitting anywhere between their antlers will count as a headshot and kill them instantly. 

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