Species Bear
Size Large
Native Timezone Unknown
Related Characters Lola Varuska (Owner; Saviour)
Games TimeSplitters 2, TimeSplitters Future Perfect

Bear first made an appearance in TimeSplitters 2 dressed in a red jacket and a fez. However, when he returned in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, he no longer had the fez and just wore a red jacket, although his picture and his gallery profile indicate otherwise. The same is true with the majority of the other characters with removable hats in TS2 that were carried over to TS:FP- Either their hat cannot be removed, or it is simply not present.


TimeSplitters 2Edit

TS2 Bear Small Bear

Star 2
Unlock Arcade League > Elite League > Team Series C > They're Not Pets! with Gold or better
Gallery Rescued from an animal trap by Lola Varuska, Bear is fanatically loyal and will fight to the death to protect the circus. He's had his fez ever since he was a cub.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
9/20 6/20 12/20

The Bear made his first appearance in TimeSplitters 2, appearing as one of the attractions of the Circus. He appears twice in Arcade League in challenges set at the Circus.

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

TSFP Bear Small Bear

Star 4
Unlock Default
Gallery Not like that. Just like that - he ain't never gonna do it without the fez on.
Gesture Rears up and swipes while growling.
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
4/8 6/8 5/8 2/8

The Bear makes a reappearance in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, but only as part of two Bot Sets. Despite his gallery description, he no longer has a fez, as Future Perfect did not incorporate hats.


  • Bear's gallery description in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect is a reference to the song "The Fez" by Steely Dan.
  • Deerhaunter reuses his sound clips, which are all just generic Bear sound effects, used in many different forms of media.

Gallery Edit