Barrel Blast
Game TimeSplitters
Section 6
Location Chemical Plant
Character Male SWAT
Targets Barrels
Rewards None
Requirements 72 in 6 minutes

Barrel Blast is Challenge 6-A in the original TimeSplitters. It involves shooting at barrels in the Chemical Plant. It comes after Who's he Trying to Impress? and before Bodyguard.

Briefing Edit

Special forces must be able to use weapons quickly and efficiently. Demonstrate your skills by destroying all the barrels in under 6 minutes.

Strategy Edit

This match is all memorization, basically. Some things to note, however - Note that you can fire the Assault Shotgun slightly faster by rhythmically tapping the fire button properly, rather than simply holding the fire button down. This isn't strictly necessary, but it can save time.

Also, note that the explosions of the barrels can hurt you. If you die far away from the other barrels, you may as well restart, because that wastes too much time.

In a similar vein to above, the barrel explosions can actually damage other barrels as well. When you've got a bunch in a tight group, once you damage a barrel to the point where it's only half of a barrel, just turn your fire to a barrel close to it. The explosions from that barrel will generally destroy the first barrel, and it saves a bit more time.

While most of the barrels are laid out in front of you, there's one rather annoyingly hidden barrel - It's up on a ledge you can't get to, at the end of the road. There aren't many good angles of attack to hit that particular barrel. The catwalk above the road facing the ledge is your best bet.

All in all, this map is memorization. You might miss one or two barrels in your rush to get all of them and wind up failing once or twice, but once you've got the positioning down pat, this challenge is simple.