Size Medium
Location City Bank with street outside
Climate Day/Sunny
Unlockable "Chemical Plant" on Normal

The Bank consists of a bank with a few short streets and an alleyway outside. The bank itself includes the main lobby with cashier desks. Beyond that is another room with stairs leading to the vault. Outside the bank's entrance, you can go up some stairs to gain access to a platform for sniping. Also outside are a cinema which cannot be entered, a couple of small construction sites, and a clock synchronized with the time in the -3:00 timezone as displayed on PlayStation system's clock, as with the Mall. A chime can be heard at the top of every hour.


  • The player can exit the map by jumping up the stairs (see 0:28 in the video) and into the wall at a certain angle.
  • The "R" letter logo on the map is a small throwback to Rareware (most of the developers previously worked at Rareware). It is seen across from bank entrance.


Timesplitters 1 showcase Bank

Timesplitters 1 showcase Bank

Bank video