Size Medium
Location City Bank with street outside
Climate Day/Sunny
Unlockable "Chemical Plant" on Normal

The Bank consists of a bank with a few short streets and an alleyway outside. The bank itself includes a main lobby with cashier desks. Beyond that is another room with stairs leading to the vault. Outside the bank's entrance you can go up some stairs to gain access to a platform for sniping. Also outside are a cinema which cannot be entered, a couple of small construction sites, and a clock synchronized with the time in the -3:00 timezone as displayed on PlayStation system's clock, as with the Mall. A chime can be heard at the top of every hour.


  • The player can exit the map by jumping up the stairs (see 0:28 in video) and into the wall at a certain angle.
  • The "R" letter logo on the map is a small throwback to Rareware (most of the devs previously worked ar rareware). It is seen across from bank entrance.


Timesplitters 1 showcase Bank07:13

Timesplitters 1 showcase Bank

Bank video

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