Baking for the Taking
Ze TSWiki Arcade 13 Baking For The Taking
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Honorary League
Section Elimination Series
Mode Elimination
Map Chinese
Character Chinese Chef
Enemies Encountered Gingerbread Man x9
Rewards Silver: Chinese Chef
Gold: Gingerbread Man
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1st
Silver: 1st in 4 min
Gold: 1st in 3 min
Platinum: 1st in 2 min 30 secs
Baking for the Taking is an Honorary Arcade League game in TimeSplitters 2.


Chef's baked up nine delicious gingerbread fortune cookies. Looks like he used too much raising agent - they're running away!


The Minigun is the only weapon in this match, make the most of it! Aim at the cookies' heads for instant kills. The best places to hang around are the kitchen, the bathrooms, the dining rooms and the pond garden. Since this is Elimination, you have to be very careful with your lives. Both camping and hunting are good strategies for this match, just go with whatever you like best. But be careful, because most cookies will just fight you and not each other.